Songs Of Faith Collection

My Songs Of Faith Collection is 24 songs with the theme of faith; songs about seeking God's guidance and direction through the storms of life, surrendering to his will, and trusting in his mercy and grace. They have been compiled in a song book called, "I've Been To The Mountain," and recorded on two CDs.

This CD contains the first 12 of these songs. They date back to 1996, and are presented in the order they were written. You will find all of these songs, and links to the lyrics and the story behind each song on the sidebar. Just click on the title, to read the lyrics, then click on the playbar to listen. These songs are not professionally recorded; they are played and sung by friends from my church, who graciously agreed to help me with this project.

The sheet music is not yet available online, but I hope to do that soon.

To purchase "Where The River Leads" or "Sail On," go here.

I hope you enjoy listening. ~~~Deb

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