Country School Concert

A Christmas play, suffer the little children

  I grew up during the days of one room schoolhouses, where each year we would put on a Christmas concert. Along with the skits and songs, we always performed the nativity. The year I played the angel announcing the birth of Jesus has always stood out in my mind, as that is the first time I remember hearing about Jesus. I’m sure that for many people my age, who didn’t attend church or Sunday school, a public school Christmas concert was where they learned to sing all of the old carols and learned about a baby born in Bethlehem. It saddens me to think that because it is no longer politically correct to talk about Jesus in public schools, many children will no longer have that opportunity.

Matthew 19:14 Suffer the little children
The Arizona Hall where we had our concerts.
The school building had been turned into a house,
and unfortunately, right after I wrote this song, it burned down!

©Deborah Bolack
 Arrangement & Piano Apryl (Penner) Jennings
Grafted In

On the Manitoba prairie, you will find a little place;
a one room schoolhouse from my own childhood days.
And though many years have passed
since I spent my school days there,
the memories still linger of a special time each year.
Many snowy winter mornings, we would hurry to the hall,
and warm up by the stove, until the teacher called.
Soon our practice would begin, as we memorized our lines,
preparing for the concert, celebrating Christmas time.
Our country school concert was the highlight for us all,
when friends and neighbours met at Arizona Hall.
Our parents proudly watched as we all performed on stage,
and sang familiar carols of that baby born one day.
It was through those Christmas concerts
that I learned of Jesus birth,
by donning angel’s wings, and singing peace on earth.
And though many years would pass
before Jesus saved my soul,
how fondly I remember Christmas concerts in that hall.
Yes, our country school concerts hold precious memories,
as I recall those pageants, Christmas songs and manger scenes.


Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! it brings back good memories for me too ...

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Not too many of us that still remember going to a country school. :)


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