Sail On Collection ~ Original Christian Songs

 This is a collection of my songs that were recorded in 2008 by myself and several friends in the church we were attending. Please overlook the imperfections; we're not professional singers, just people who love the Lord

  1. I've Been To the Mountain
  2. Stepping Stones
  3. Immersed In My saviour's Love
  4. He Will Make a Way
  5. He's Strong When I Am Weak
  6. By Mercy and Grace
  7. I Want That Faith
  8. My Isaac
  9. Believe Only
  10. Be Of Good Cheer
  11. Sail On
  12. Hannah's Heart


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Thanks for stopping by! I hope my songs have been an encouragement. If you’re unable to leave a message her you can contact me through the form on the sidebar.