Country School Concert

A Christmas play, suffer the little children
I grew up during the days of one room school houses, where each year we would put on a Christmas concert. Along with the skits and songs, we always performed the nativity. The year I played the angel announcing the birth of Jesus has always stood out in my mind, as that is the first time I remember hearing about Jesus. I’m sure that for many people my age, who didn’t attend church or Sunday school, a public school Christmas concert was where they learned to sing all of the old carols and learned about a baby born in Bethlehem. It saddens me to think that because it is no longer politically correct to talk about Jesus in public schools, many children will no longer have that opportunity.

Happy Birthday Dear Jesus

Matthew 2:11 Christmas song
Happy birthday, to Jesus be all honor and praise!

The Gift My Father Sent

The reason for the season
The reason for the season,
the light that shines so bright,
the only gift worth receiving
can still be yours tonight.

Such Awesome Love

He came to this earth as God and man John 3:16,17
 It's so hard to understand the love that Christ has for us; that He would leave the glories of heaven to come down and take on human flesh, to live among us, and then, knowing how wretched we are, He still chose to die for us. Such awesome love!

In The Stillness

 An original Christian song

  If you've never walked down a country road on a winter night, when the moon is full and casting a pale blue light that reflects off the brilliant white snow drifts, then you may not be able to fully appreciate this song.