He'll Give Rest, Isaiah 14:3

rushing white water, waterfall and pool

  Recently our pastor taught a series on sharing the gospel, and the importance of being prepared to do so. He went through a few 'plans', such as The Roman Road, The New Testament Road, and The Six Step Plan. The last plan was taken completely from the book of Isaiah. It's beautiful to see how God has woven the gospel throughout the Bible, and specifically in the book of Isaiah.

God's Hand, Psalm 37:24

a hand holding a lady slipper, God's hand

  As a child, our daughter, Nicole, used to trace her hand on paper, and then draw pictures below it. She said it was God’s hand reaching down from heaven. I wanted to write a song about that picture, but the song took it’s own direction, and became a more personal story of how God had reached out to me, not at salvation, but at a crossroads in my life.

Immersed In My Saviour's Love, Psalm 34:7

  Immersed In My Saviour's Love, Psalm 34:7, Christian song
  Prior to my salvation, someone had told me that something happens when God saves you. I really didn’t understand what this meant. I had this idea in the back of my mind that something spectacular should happen at the moment I prayed. I was worried that I wouldn’t have this ‘experience.’ That was one of the things that held me back. I kept putting the Holy Spirit off, even though I knew that I needed salvation, and I longed for peace. When I couldn’t resist any longer, and I finally repented of my sins, asking Jesus to be my Saviour, there were no heavenly voices, and no lightning, but something did indeed happen. When that burden lifted, I felt such peace!

I Want That Faith, Mark 5:34

 I Want That Faith, Mark 5:34, Christian song

  In Mark 9 we read the account of the man whose son had a dumb spirit. Even the disciples failed to help this man and his son. It occurred to me that if this man had been like many people, he would have used that as an excuse to turn away from Jesus, but no, he still sought out the Lord. As I reread the different accounts in the gospels, I couldn’t help but think what great faith that man had. Then I realized that this is also where Jesus spoke to his disciples about having faith that can move a mountain. I thought, “Lord, I want that faith that moves mountains!”

What Goes Around Comes Around

Some wisdom from my dad.