My Reason To Sing Collection

This is a collection of songs that have not yet been recorded. I created the music using a program called Band In a Box. I'd much prefer a recording, but at least this gives you an idea of how the song sounds. 

A collection of original Christian songs, lyrics and music created with BIAB

Where the River Leads Collection, Original Christian Songs

This is the second collection of my songs that were recorded in 2008 by myself and several friends in the church we were attending.

Original Christian songs; lyrics and recordings

 1.  Because I Stopped To Pray 
 2.  You Remind Me
 3.  Father, When I Struggle
 4.  Tears In a Bottle
 5.  Every Good and Perfect Gift
 6.  Where the River Leads
 7.  God`s Hand
 8.  No More wandering In the Wilderness
 9.  Take All
10. Along This Journey
11. I Wait Upon You Lord
12. Gonna Pray

Sail On Collection ~ Original Christian Songs

 This is a collection of my songs that were recorded in 2008 by myself and several friends in the church we were attending. Please overlook the imperfections; we're not professional singers, just people who love the Lord

  1. I've Been To the Mountain
  2. Stepping Stones
  3. Immersed In My saviour's Love
  4. He Will Make a Way
  5. He's Strong When I Am Weak
  6. By Mercy and Grace
  7. I Want That Faith
  8. My Isaac
  9. Believe Only
  10. Be Of Good Cheer
  11. Sail On
  12. Hannah's Heart

Traditions Collection ~ Original Christmas Songs

 With just a little over a month before Christmas, I thought I'd share some Christmas songs that I wrote many years ago. 

Original Christmas Songs

Unto My King, 1 Timothy 1:17

1 Timothy 1:17

I wanted to write a worship song using the many descriptions of God found in the epistles. 

Stepping Stones, Romans 8:28

 I wrote this song after hearing a message by the same name. I’ve since heard others talk about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, but at the time it was a new expression to me; one that called out to be a song! In the months after writing this song, it began to take on a more personal meaning.

Romans 8:28 Christian Song

Hot, Lukewarm, Or Cold ~ Revelation 3:15-16

Rev. 3:15-16

    My husband used to work at a window factory, as production supervisor. This meant he dealt with all of the suppliers, and their salespeople. Periodically, they would give him promotional items. One day, he brought me home this coffee mug. It looked like an ordinary cup, with the company name and slogan....typical promo gift.
  Little did I know, this simple navy blue coffee mug was really quite unique, and had a promo of it's own.