I Will Exalt Him ~ Exodus 15:2

  While reading through the Book of Numbers, I came across a portion of scripture that I had read many times before, but suddenly saw in a whole new way. It’s where Moses is telling God that he is not able to bear all these people alone. (Numbers 11:12-14) After all, he did not conceive them, nor did he give birth to them, and yet it seemed that God was asking him to be a father to these people who more often than not acted like a bunch of whiny kids. 

  Although these verses are about Moses and the children of Israel, it wasn’t difficult to apply them to myself and my own family. I have never for a moment regretted having any of our eight children, but there are times when I do feel overwhelmed by the responsibility we’ve taken on. It’s those days when the kids are whining and complaining, and nothing satisfies them, that I can relate to what Moses said to the Lord. We can’t do it alone.

Exodus 15:2

Stepping Stones, Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28 Christian Song

   I wrote this song after hearing a message by the same name. I’ve since heard others talk about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, but at the time it was a new expression to me; one that called out to be a song! In the months after writing this song, it began to take on a more personal meaning.

My Verse For 2017

 I didn't know what my verse would be until yesterday. The topic of our Wednesday evening Bible study was obedience...and by the end of the evening, I thought that might be my word for this year....but I wasn't sure what the verse would be. I initially had another scripture in mind; James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. But when I started reading through my Bible study notes again, I came across John 13:17. I liked the straight forward, concise way it stated this simple truth.

John 13:17

If ye know these things...I know there is much that I do not know, but there are many things that God has clearly shown me in his word.
happy are ye if ye if ye do them...But knowledge is of no benefit if it's not applied. True joy and peace come from obedience to God's word....Doing what I already know God has told me...consistently! 

And there it was...my word for the year...not obedience, but consistent. That is my real struggle...to be consistent. So, as we begin a new year, I'm looking forward to seeing how this word, this trait, will manifest itself in the coming months.

Reflecting On 2016

Continuing my tradition of looking back over the past year......

Looking back on 2016

Another Year

We pause now to reflect

  At the closing of each year, we take time to reflect, and give thanks for the blessings we've received, and for the freedoms we enjoy. We also look to the coming year, and all of the possibilities that it holds. We gather in prayer and praise, and rejoice in the hope that awaits us in eternity.