My Awesome King

©2014 Deborah Bolack

(4 bar intro)
I see you on your throne, 
a brilliant radiance, shining from your hands......
Kneeling at your feet, I hardly can believe,
I'm in your presence, oh, Lord........

You reach down to me, with acceptance and love....
You make me alive, with the power of your touch........

Kneeling at your feet, ....
Lord, I can see your glory, your power, your majesty......

You opened my eyes to such wonderful things......
I give my whole heart, to you, my Lord and King..........

Kneeling at your feet, 
Lord, I can see your glory, your power, your majesty.........

I lift up my voice..... I lift up my hands.
I praise you, oh Lord, with all that I am.......
Blessing and honour, to you, I sing
forever, my awesome King.......
Forever, my awesome King........


I wrote this song for my sister in law, Pauline, based on the following info that she sent me:

My favorite verses are all in Psalm 119. Its my favorite book of the Bible. I


pray the whole book and ask God 

to make this true of me.  

Psalm 119:2,3......18........111....165...

I also love the story of David dancing before bringing the Ark into Jerusalem. I

just love that he put his heart and soul into it 

without a thought of anyone else. 

My theme would be about worship. And the sound would be the same.

I imagine hearing angels and seeing people lift up their hands and voices to our

Awesome King.

My heart is to worship with everything that I am. I often cry during a worship

song that really touches me.

And the word of God is so passionate to me as well.

I also had an amazing experience I will share. I was going through a very hard

time and I was in my bed

crying so hard that I could hardly cry any more. I called out to God and this is

what happened. 

I was sitting at His feet at the throne. And I looked up and saw His hand on the

arm of the throne.

Rays of light were beaming from His hand. Then He reached down and touched

the top of my head. 

I can't hardly describe the immense feeling I felt.

I felt like everything within me was alive. I felt love and acceptance to the

highest degree imaginable.

Then I was back in my room. I asked God if this really just happened and to

give me a verse in His word.

Here is the verse He gave me.

Habakkuk 3:4 "His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from His

hand, And there is the hiding of His power."

I had an  NASB

So that's why my them would be about worship.He touched me and that's what

my heart wants to do.

He always gives me confirmations of His love and touch for me. And all I want

to do is just tell Him how much I love Him.

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